Keep it Kleen Power Washing has been in business for 1 year but have 4 years of experience in power washing. Every property needs a little help behind-the-scenes in order to stand out. Keep it Kleen is here to provide that expert touch that you need. Our residential and commercial pressure washing solutions are designed to help your property be at its best, today and for years to come.


We offer soft-wash house washing, pressure wash, non pressure roof cleaning and complete exterior house cleaning services for North-central Alabama residents. Our cleaning methods are a safe and effective alternative. Your property should not be subjected to damage by the cleaning process. Our team also provides a wide variety of commercial cleaning services for large and small businesses. At Keep it Kleen Power Washing, we take pride in knowing that we use the most up to date resources and products to keep your home and business looking like new. This is just one of the many ways that our team strives to give you the highest quality cleaning on the market.

For our soft wash process, it consists of applying a mixture of surfactants, detergents and mildewcides, letting the solution do its job, and then rinsing and washing away the unwanted stains and contaminants while using only low pressure to ensure the safe cleaning of your property. Keep it Kleen is committed to using this method to secure the long-term quality and curb appeal of your home and property. Many satisfied customers later, we're proud to say that we're achieving our goal. Join the community of long-term Keep it Kleen clients, and leave the rest to us!


Many people think power wash and pressure wash are the same thing and use both terms interchangeably. Power washing, like pressure washing, uses a high pressure stream of water to clean. However, power washing differs by heating the water. The benefit of using heated water is it provides deeper cleaning when compared to unheated water. The use of heat makes power washing the better choice for exterior cleaning jobs. Pressure washing can be a good option for smaller areas like driveways, decks, fences and other areas around your house. However, larger commercial jobs require using a power washer.

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